The Institute of Oceanografphy of the University of Gdańsk is the institution of higher education in Poland that trains students in oceanography, environmental protection and geology and that conducts interdisciplinary scientific research in the coastal zone of the shelf seas.
While research focuses primarily on the southern Baltic Sea and the Bay of Gdańsk, the polar regions are also investigated.
By conducting intensive research, the Institute gathers and processes information thus widening the knowledge essential for achieving the sustainable exploitation of the marine environment and for its conservation. 

The principle areas of research include the following:

  • Interdisciplinary research of Baltic Sea coastal waters and the ecosystems occurring there with a special focus on designated NATURA 2000 areas,
  • Evaluating the levels of pollution in the marine environment and the degrees to which coastal ecosystems are impacted by the human exploitation of this region,
  • Developing new research methods and ecohydrodynamic models to evaluate the state of and to forecast changes in selected Baltic Sea basins,
  • Disseminating reliable data for evaluating the socioeconomic significance of the marine ecosystems and developing tools to support decisions made regarding the management of the marine ecosystem,


Today Institute of Oceanography is formed by eight Divisions, Hel Marine Station (national centre for the research of marine mammals that live in the Polish part of the Baltic) and Laboratory of Oceanographical Equipment.

Currently the research themes of the Divisions of Institute are concentrated on the following:

  • Division of Marine Biology and Ecology

  • Division of Marine Biotechnology

  • Division of Marine Plankton Research

  • Division of Marine Chemistry and Environmental Protection

  • Division of Experimental Ecology of Marine Organisms

  • Division of Marine Ecosystems Functioning

  • Division of Marine Geology

  • Division of Physical Oceanography

  • Laboratory of Oceanographical Equipment

  • Hel Marine Station