aculty of Oceanography and Geography
Field of study: Geology

A first-tier three-year program of day studies in the field of Geology was designed under the Bologna system of education in response to increased demand for the qualified human resources in the northern region of Poland. It has been offered by the Faculty of Oceanography and Geography since 2008.

The educational objectives of this course of study are as follows:

  1. Teaching geology at the level which will allow a proper understanding of:
    a. the processes undergoing in Nature and the interactions between biological, chemical and physical aspects with particular attention being paid to the marine environment,
    b. the relationships between the present-day landscape of the Earth surface and geological processes occurring now and in the past,
    c. the outcome of man-induced changes in the natural environment and the need to protect Nature.
  2. Instilling the skill of self-reliance as regards:
    a. information and data gathering in order to interpret the causes and effects of geological processes,
    b. conducting both field and laboratory observations and measurements by means of techniques and research tools used in geology,
    c. data analysis and the description of geological phenomena by using mathematical and statistical methods,
    d. the formulation of conclusions, and the oral and written presentation of the results.
  3. Preparation to single-handed and teamwork professional employment; developing the need for continuous education, raising professional qualifications, readiness to undertake new challenges, and following professional ethics.

The program of studies includes:

  1. General education courses: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English language.
  2. Specialized courses: Dynamic geology, Geology of Polish regions, Historical geology and stratigraphy, Geomorphology, Paleontology, Tectonics, Mineralogy, Petrography, Sedimentology, Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geology of mineral deposits, and Hydrogeology.
  3. Specialized training on the subject of Marine geology, Methods for investigating the seafloor and Protection of coastline.
  4. Field practice encompassing geology of selected regions in Poland, e.g., Świętokrzyskie Mountains, Sudety Mountains and coastal zone of the Baltic Sea as well as the identification of morphological forms from various sedimentary environments, tectonic structures and geological cartography.
  5. Elective courses: Palaeoceanography, Drilling, Chemistry of suspensions, Biology and ecology, Life on the seafloor, and Dating of sediments and natural processes.

tudies in the field of Geology are conducted in the Bologna system of education. Therefore each student should acquire 180 ECTS points which includes points for participating in lectures as well as for partial examinations and final examinations, pre-employment training, consultations with the academic teachers and last but not least, student’s own work realized under the guidance of an academic staff member (including thesis work towards the Bachelor degree.

The graduate holding the bachelor in the field of Geology will have acquired the comprehensive knowledge of natural sciences and the skills and qualifications necessary for becoming a professional geologist. The graduate will be competent to plan and execute geological measurements and observations in the field and in laboratory, prepare specialized geological reports, organize and conduct basic work required in the building industry, commercial exploitation of geological deposits and the coastal protection.

The graduate will have the knowledge of a foreign language at Level B2 of the Council of Europe Common Framework for modern languages, and will be able to use proper geological terminology in this language. He/she will be prepared to continue the education at the second-tier level program of studies in the field of Geology and other related fields such as, Oceanography, Geography and Environmental Protection.
Moreover, the skills and competence of the graduate holding the bachelor in Geology will create the opportunities for him/her to find employment in the firms dealing with geology, hydrogeology, geophysics, environmental protection and exploration and exploitation of minerals deposits.