ERASMUS+ at Institute of Oceanography


Institutional Coordinator:

Assoc. Prof. Adam Sokołowski
tel.: + 48 58 5236856
fax: + 48 58 5236678
e-mail: oceas@univ.gda.pl

Working hours for ERASMUS+ students:

Tuesday: 11:00-12:00

Wednesday: 12:00-13:00








Educational offer 

Detailed list of courses in English, along with their syllabuses,  available for ERASMUS+

students can be found here:  https://en.oig.ug.edu.pl/international/study_english_foag


Nomination and enrolment (conditions, deadlines, etc.)

Admissions requirements:

A candidate must be currently enrolled at an institution covered by an Erasmus exchange agreement and studying at the appropriate level.

To apply as an Erasmus student, a candidate should must be nominated by home university.

A candidate should also be currently studying in a similar area to the department of admission.

Nomination Deadlines:

Applications/informationon on the ERASMUS+ nominated students must reach University of Gdańsk by:

Decision Response:

University of Gdańsk will send decision by email within 8 weeks.

Students are to submit the following documents with regards to the application procedures:

Visiting students are to remain in Poland until the end of their semester examinations and should hand in all their assignments and sit for their exams prior to their departure.

Students should highlight any disabilities at application stage so that their needs and requirements can be addressed and the right support assured prior to their acceptance.

Grading system:

60 ECTS is equivalent to one year of normal study for a full-time student (30 ECTS for one semester). Grades and credits are officially acknowledged by a sovereign jury and a transcript is established according to the table below (website http://www.ug.edu.pl/en/en/studying_at_the_university_of_gdansk--erasmus--useful_information/ ).

Grade Definition:

  • Winter semester: May 31st
  • Summer semester: November 30
    • Application form
    • Learning Agreement containing course units planned at University of Gdańsk. The Learning Agreement should be approved prior to the student arrival at the University of Gdansk and may be modified after arrival and discussion with the academic coordinator. For all questions relating to Learning Agreement, please contact the faculty coordinator
    • Statement on English language ability at level B2
    • Copy of passport or ID
    • Copy of the European Health Insurance Card
    • A Excellent – outstanding performance with only minor errors
    • B Very good – above the average standart but with some errors
    • C Good – generally sound work with a number of notable errors
    • D Satisfactory – fair but with significant shortcomings
    • E Sufficient – performance meets the minimum criteria
    • F Fail – more or considerable work is required before the credit can be awarded