The 2nd BONUS ECOMAP Summer School

Report on the 2nd BONUS ECOMAP Summer School, held on 27-31 August 2019 at the University of Gdańsk, Institute of Oceanography, Hel Marine Station, 84-150 Hel, ul. Morska 2, Poland

From 27th to 31st August 2019 the BONUS ECOMAP 2nd Summer School took place in the Marine Station of the Institute of Oceanography of the University of Gdansk at Hel. It was attended by 14 participants from Germany, Poland, The Netherlands, Albania, Nigeria, India and Turkey. These were mainly PhD and MSc students and apprentices from companies dealing with non-invasive marine and terrestrial measurements. The main organizer of the School was Prof. Jarosław Tęgowski, who together with the project coordinator Dr. Jens Schneider von Deimling welcomed the participants. 
The main aim of the school was to acquaint the participants with modern methods of non-invasive remote sensing  of the seabed and its habitat using various hydroacoustic and LiDAR techniques. Lecturers at the School were recognized specialists in physical oceanography and acoustical oceanography, hydroacoustic and LiDAR measurements, computer science, and in software for data collection and processing. The main topics discussed during the course were: basic acoustic phenomena, structure and properties of bottom sediments, geological structure of the Baltic Sea, gas bubbles in the seabed and water column, bottom habitat, construction of hydroacoustic devices and LiDAR, preparation for measurements and collection of acoustic and LiDAR data, software for data collection, processing and classification, acoustic classification of bottom sediments and habitat. Course participants used QPS Qinsy, Fledermaus, Qimera, eCognition and Matlab software, which was installed on their notebooks at the time of the training. Representatives of eCognition and Matlab software companies also spoke as lecturers. 
Another very important element of the School was a one-day survey cruise on the RV Oceanograf owned by the Institute of Oceanography of the University of Gdańsk. This new 50 m long catamaran is equipped with modern equipment for oceanographic measurements and is particularly well adapted to hydrographic surveys. During the cruise, the participants learned about the use of hydroacoustic devices, the configuration of the Quinsy software, used a modern shallow water multibeam echosounder and carried out the mapping of the t/s Franken wreck. The course participants learned how to process and clean the data recorded by the multibeam echosounder in Qimera. Methods of sampling bottom sediments were also demonstrated.
The organizers and lecturers have made every effort to ensure that the quality of the course was as good as possible. Here are the examples of opinions received from the participants of the School: 
„As a bachelor degree student, I would like to tell you that I can not describe how much I am gratefull to being part of ECOMAP Summer School in 2019 . The Summer School was my first multidisciplinary knowledge and education experience. Being in touch with the great professors and academic staffs , getting the lessons about every single detail of our topic and of course welcoming with Polish hospitality were unforgettable memory for me. Thank you so much for everything to the ECOMAP Team and of course University of Gdańsk , Institute of Oceanography !“ - Irem
„It is really nice meeting you and you are such an enthusiastic Professor I have ever met. I learnt many things from the summer school. I will never forget the gratitude and love you gave to me on this one week of summer school.“ - Arindam

The course included lectures, field demos at sea, and data postprocessing led by: Prof. Jarosław Tęgowski from University of Gdansk, Dr. Jens Schneider von Deimling from University Kiel, Dr. Verner Brandbyge Ernstsen from University of Copenhagen, Dr. Aleksandra Kruss, Dr. Robert Sokołowski, Karolina Trzcińska, Jakub Zdroik, Łukasz Janowski, Grzegorz Kolat from UG, Dr. Jarosław Nowak from Maritime Institute in Gdańsk, Dr. Paweł Poćwiardowski from NORBIT-Poland, Klaudia Bielińska-Płoszka from eCognition, Remigiusz Lipiec from Matlab and by our special guest Prof. Ilia Ostrovsky from Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research, Yigal Allon Kinneret Limnological Laboratory, Migdal, Israel. 

The exemplary photos taken during the 2nd BONUS ECOMAP Summer School



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