55th European Marine Biology Symposium

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the international scientific conference "55th European Marine Biology Symposium (EMBS)" that is going to be organised by the University of Gdansk on 19-23 September 2022 at the Oliwa Campus in Gdansk. The conference boasts a history of over 50 years ( https://www.marinestations.org/embs-european-marine-biology-symposium), the first symposium was held in 1966 at the initiative of the eminent ecologist Prof. Otto Kinne at the Helgoland Marine Station (Germany), and this year's edition will be the 55th. Due to its high profile and prestigious nature, the conference enjoys great interest among European scientific centres, making the choice of the symposium venue a distinction for the host institution. Since its inception, the conference has attracted the most distinguished specialists from Europe and beyond (including the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Canada, China) whose scientific activities are related to marine biology and ecology, biotechnology, physiology and genetics of marine organisms and marine environmental protection. Participants represent major teaching and research institutions, national and international environmental agencies, thematic working groups (e.g., ICES, UNESCO) and European scientific and research networks such as MARS, EuroMarine and EuroOcean. The meeting of such a wide range of specialists is an excellent opportunity to present the latest scientific achievements and practical implementations, research methods and techniques, exchange views, experiences and know-how. It also provides an opportunity to establish and strengthen cooperation both at national level and among foreign partners. The conference is organised under the aegis of the European MARS Network (Marine Research Institutes & Stations) associating leading European scientific centres ( https://www.marinestations.org).

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